How does travel therapy work?

All work and no play can make us extremely bored, and in some cases even depressed. Taking care of your everyday responsibilities is paramount to having a successful life.

We all have an intuitive sense that taking a break or trip can help us feel recharged. The good news is that this feeling is supported by research. Taking a vacation actually does improve our well-being and mood.

For starters, it can sometimes feel much easier to meet, and even approach, new people when we are in a new environment and operating outside of our normal routine and comfort zone. Whether it’s through an organized tour or a chance encounter with a stranger at a café or museum, engaging with fellow travelers or locals can lead to meaningful interactions and even long-lasting friendships.

As you travel, you will meet different people in every location. You can have the opportunity to make friends around the country. You will also be able to meet various therapists and learn from a variety of people! This is important because at a standard practice you are always surrounded by the same coworkers.

When you’re venturing out further away from home, take advantage of the slower pace that being in a new environment provides. Allow your mind to feel at ease and take part in learning about new cultures, activities, belief systems, and cuisines. Doing your research in advance is sometimes enough to lift your mood as you begin to realise that life is indeed an adventure and that you have lots to see and explore.

Beaches, lakes, rivers, and creeks are soothing natural water formations that help to quell the negative and debilitating symptoms of depression and anxiety. Many people are attracted to natural water formations for the sense of relief they find here.

Traveling with our partner or family can also improve our existing relationships. Taking a vacation with our partner or spouse can actually increase our relationship satisfaction.

Traveling is also a great way to help us recognize how fortunate we are. Through interacting with different people and ways of life, traveling can help us realize our privilege and all of the things we have to be thankful for. Gratitude has been shown time and time again to help us live happier and healthier lives.

Whatever form of travel therapy you choose, make it count. Do you research in advance and choose a destination that has lots to offer? Consider whether you’ll be travelling with family or alone to make the best travel plans.

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