Road Trip to Naran

Trip to Naran Kaghan is one the most popular tour among domestic tourists in Pakistan. Naran is small town in Kaghan Valley which is located in Mansehra District in KPK.

The best time to Visit Naran-Kaghan valley is Summers mid-June to mid-September as all the roads are open till Babusar Pass (13700 ft.). The snow covered mountains turn into lush green scenic sights and pine forests nourish with breath taking fragrance.

Before leaving, make sure the road between Mansehra and Naran is open for public transport. The road usually opens up for public transport in June. If traveling before June, you’ll likely have to take a Jeep from Mansehra, which is considerably more expensive.

To get to Naran from Islamabad, you first have to go to Mansehra. There are two ways of getting there: taking a local bus from Pirwadhai bus station in Rawalpindi, or a Daewoo bus from the Daewoo terminal in Rawalpindi. We recommend using Daewoo, as it’s quite comfortable, has reclining seats. Also, it’s air conditioned.

Once you reach Mansehra, you can board a bus from a minibus terminal which would take 3.5-4 hours to Naran. A ticket to Naran costs 300 Rs per person.

Since, Naran is favorite destination of local tourists, in peak season prices can skyrocket, and it’s recommended to book before your arrival. You can barely negotiate if you book after your arrival.

Go on a nice walk and stroll around to find yourself some good shops, hotels and restaurants and avail the suitable services.

There are several lakes that can be visited, and Naran is the base for several hikes too. The most famous lake near Naran is Lake Saif-ul-Malook. It’s possible to hike to the lake, but most people opt to take a Jeep there. There are talks of a cable car being built, but so far nothing has been finalized.

Other popular places in and near Naran include Ansoo Jheel, Lalazar, and Dudipatsar Lake. 

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