Things for your travel kitchen

Food is one of the most intimate, sensory ways to experience a place. Whether you’re planning an extended vacation or you go on a lot of business trips, there’s one thing about travel that can get old fast: Eating out for every meal.

Whether you’re health conscious, you’re a picky eater, or you just want to save a few bucks on your trip, cooking your own meals while you travel has a ton of advantages.

Luckily, it’s not too difficult to build up a collection of compact, travel-friendly essentials that will take any bare-minimum kitchen to the level you need to whip up your favorite comfort food from home, no matter which journey you are on.

Compact containers and bags

Easy to carry containers and zip locks that come in handy are surely a must have to store ingredients, leftovers and more.

A multi-tool with everything

A multi-tool with everything but the kitchen sink is also a must have for foodies with wanderlust. There is nothing as annoying as getting halfway through a recipe and realizing, you do not want to resort to peeling a heap of potatoes with a knife because you thought you had a peeler and it turns out you don’t.

Your favorite seasonings

It’s so helpful to be able to take a small stash of familiar spices with you wherever you go, in case your taste buds revolt against the local food you eat there.

A low-tech measuring backup

A kitchen scale might be a bit of a daunting investment for some traveling cooks, which is why you can’t beat the basics. For a long time, I traveled with my own sets of measuring cups and spoons.

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