Comfort food in Italy

From delicate tagliatelle al ragù (pasta ribbons in a meat-based sauce) to velvety cannoli (crisp pastry shells filled with sweet ricotta), every bite can feel like a revelation. The secret: superlative ingredients and finely tuned know-how.

Jamaican Spice

African spice rubs evolved into delicious jerk, while yam, rice and plantain form the basis of rich stews, and fish abound in local waters. Throw in the astounding array of tropical fruits, washed down with a shot of rum, and you can see (and taste) how the Jamaican cultural story retains its original voice.

Japanese Sushi

Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish outside of Japan, and one of the most popular dishes among the Japanese. In Japan, sushi is usually enjoyed on special occasions, such as a celebration.

In past centuries, “sushi” referred to pickled fish preserved in vinegar. Nowadays sushi can be defined as a dish containing rice which has been prepared with sushi vinegar. There are many different types of sushi.

German Beer

Few things are as deeply ingrained in the German psyche as the love of beer. ‘Hopfen und Malz – Gott erhalt’s!’ (Hops and malt are in God’s hands) goes the saying, which is fitting, given the almost religious intensity with which beer is brewed, consumed and celebrated – not least at the world’s biggest beer festival, Oktoberfest

French wine

This is a wine capital hemmed in by green, sun-drenched vineyards. Viticulture here is an ancient art and tradition bearing its own unique trademarks and no other vineyards in the world produce as much fine wine.

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